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Psoriasis linked to diabetes, hypertension

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  • Psoriasis linked to diabetes, hypertension

    Women with psoriasis run a higher risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, perhaps because of the underlying inflammation that causes the skin condition.

    They said 1,813 women were diagnosed with psoriasis over a 14-year period. These women were 63 percent more likely to develop diabetes and 17 percent more likely to develop hypertension than those who were psoriasis-free.

    The team said inflammation can lead to high blood pressure and may also be a factor in insulin resistance, a pre-diabetic condition.

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    Excellent find I will look into this more. Wow 1,813 women.


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      Thank for pointing out that study. Here's the details if you'd like to read more.

      Reference: Qureshi et al. (2009)
      Journal: Archives of Dermatology
      Date: April 2009
      Volume: 145(4)
      Pages: 379-82.
      Title: Psoriasis and the risk of diabetes and hypertension
      A prospective study of US female nurses.


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