Olympic Village Pitas

Makes 4 servings.


1 pound pork tenderloin, cut into 12 slices (¾-inch each)
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 can (15 ounces) Garbanzo beans or Great Northern beans or 1½ cups cooked dry-packaged Garbanzo beans or Great Northern beans, rinsed, drained
½ cup chopped tomato
½ cup chopped onion
¼ cup chopped cucumber
2 large cloves garlic, minced
½ cup fat-free Caesar or Italian salad dressing
4 pita breads, warm
4 tablespoons fat-free plain yogurt
Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Flatten pork tenderloin slices gently with had; cook in oil in medium skillet over medium to medium-high heat until no longer pink in the center, about 3 to 4 minutes on each side. Drain on paper toweling; season to taste with salt and pepper.
2. Mix remaining ingredients, except pita breads and yogurt. For each pita arrange 3 pork medallions on half of pita; spoon ½ cup ban mixture on other half and top with one tablespoon yogurt. Fold pitas in half to eat, or eat open-face with knife and fork.

Nutritional Info (per serving):

Calories 417
Fat 9g
20% Calories from Fat
Calcium 100mg
Carbohydrate 58g
Folate 176mcg
Sodium 79mg
Protein 26g
Dietary Fiber 7g
Cholesterol 49mg

Additional comments:

Recipe provided courtesy of The Bean Education & Awareness Network.

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