About Destination Diabetes

Destination Diabetes® is a free informational website operated by ADW Diabetes (ADW). As a result of demand and feedback from ADW customers, Destination Diabetes was created to address the educational needs of people living with diabetes. The goal of Destination Diabetes is to be a useful and credible resource for the more than 20 million children and adults who have diabetes in the U.S. and their families.

Destination Diabetes provides information on a wide range of diabetes health and wellness topics. Articles are written or reviewed by advisors who have experience in diabetes education. The advisor team will be made up of experienced professionals and educators who have a diabetes specialty.

Additionally, Destination Diabetes also providers users with an online platform to share information and experiences with others. Users will be able to communicate and support one another in the management of diabetes.

About ADW Diabetes

ADW Diabetes has devoted itself to keeping diabetes management affordable. ADW is focused on helping uninsured, underinsured and people who pay out of pocket, effectively manage their diabetes. ADW provides top-quality, brand name diabetic supplies and over-the-counter pharmacy items at significantly discounted prices in comparison to other retail outlets.