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Disetronic was founded in Europe in 1984 by Willy and Peter Michel, two brothers who believed that diabetes care should be improved. These visionary men began with the goal of developing a small, top-quality insulin pump that would offer diabetics a better quality of life. Disetronic rapidly became one of the leading manufacturers of insulin pumps and infusion sets for diabetics, expanding from Switzerland into Germany, and, in 1991, entering the United States market.

In 2003, the Roche healthcare group acquired the infusion systems division of Disetronic. Roche has historically been one of the top manufacturers of glucose monitoring systems, so tapping into Disetronic's expertise in insulin delivery systems was a natural fit for the company.

Disetronic strives to develop safe, high-quality products that are easy to use. One of Disetronic's top sellers at ADW Diabetes® is the Disetronic Accu-Chek Ultraflex II infusion set. This infusion set is designed to work with all standard luer lock insulin pumps, and it is so easy to use that no insertion device is needed. Connecting and disconnecting is easy - just one click and it is ready to go. ADW Diabetes® carries a number of Disetronic infusion sets, including the Accu-Chek Rapid-D infusion set and the Accu-Chek Tender I infusion set.

Disetronic also manufactures high quality supplies for insulin pumps. Refillable insulin cartridges, available in either glass or plastic, are both sterile and easy to fill. Each cartridge holds 3mL of insulin. The D-TRONplus glass cartridges are available in a box of five, while the H-TRONplus plastic cartridges are packaged in a box of 25. Both types of cartridges are designed for use with insulin pumps designed by Disetronic: the Accu-Check D-TRONplus and the H-TRON plus models.

Many of Disetronic's accessories for insulin pumps are available at ADW Diabetes®. Pump adapters, such as the and the H-TRONplus adapters, prevent draining when you replace the insulin cartridge of your insulin pump. A built-in pressure valve on each adapter ensures a successful connection between the insulin pump and the infusion set - and helps keep the contents of the insulin cartridge sterile. In addition, Disetronic's D-TRONplus Power Pack helps balance the air pressure in your insulin pump and creates a secure seal for optimal efficiency.