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Tandem Diabetes Care

Welcome to ADW Diabetes, the online super store for diabetic testing supplies and healthcare products, including top brands from Tandem Diabetes Care. Get the best prices for all the top brands, superior service & fast delivery. Find the entire range of Tandem Diabetes Care products at discounted prices. Save up to 60% every day!
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t:slim Pump Cartridge 3ml - 10/bx FSA Eligible Diabetic Coverage eligible. T:Slim Insulin Pump Cartridge 3ml - 10/bx
31% OFF! Retail Price: $76.49 Your Price: $52.99
Diabetic Coverage AutoShip Price : $50.34
The t:slim Pump cartridge 3ml (10/bx) is built around the latest delivery technology. Using a pouch inside of the cartridge instead of a syringe, and incorporating Tandem Diabetes Care's patent-pending Micro-Delivery Technology™, this cartridge allows maximum capacity in the smallest space.
T:Flex Insulin Cartridges 4.8ml FSA Eligible Diabetic Coverage eligible. T:Flex Insulin Cartridges 4.8ml
32% OFF! Retail Price: $94.99 Your Price: $64.99
Diabetic Coverage AutoShip Price : $61.74
T:Flex Insulin Cartridges 4.8ml 10/bx are built to work with the new Tandem T:Flex insulin pump. Each cartridge can hold 480 units of insulin, allowing you more freedom and flexibility with your diabetes management. T:Flex cartridges are sold in boxes of 10.
t:slim Insulin Delivery System FSA Eligible t:slim Insulin Delivery System
13% OFF! Retail Price: $6,999.99 Your Price: $6,099.00
After years of research, and thousands of in-depth conversations with people with diabetes and health care providers, Tandem Diabetes Care® brings you the t:slim Insulin Pump, the first insulin pump with a touch screen that embodies a fresh new design approach and offers the most requested features asked for in a next-generation pump.
T:Flex Insulin Pump System FSA Eligible T:Flex Insulin Pump System
13% OFF! Retail Price: $6,999.99 Your Price: $6,099.00
Tandem Diabetes T:Flex Insulin Delivery Pump System is a new insulin pump that offers more freedom for people with diabetes due to its ability to hold a larger capacity of insulin. The t:flex pump offers similar benefits to the t:slim pump such as color touch screen, rechargeable battery, and more.
4 Match(es) found