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Nova Max Diabetes Testing Supplies

Nova Max Diabetes SuppliesNova Biomedical is a worldwide leader in biosensor technology.

The Nova Max brand is Nova Biomedical's line of at-home blood glucose testing products for people with diabetes. The line has been designed to offer the user an easy-to-use, and highly technical, device to help manage their diabetes effectively and affordably.

Nova Max's advanced technology allows for people with diabetes to test their blood glucose and blood ketone levels with one meter. This value-added convenience allows the user to manage just one system versus having to purchase, maintain, and carry separate devices that only manage a single function. The meter can accommodate two different kinds of test strips to provide people with diabetes a convenient way to manage their diabetes and check their ketone levels when needed.

The Nova Max Link meter has added technology to interact with the Medtronic insulin pump. The Link meter can wirelessly transmit blood glucose testing results to the insulin pump. This information is used by Medtronic's Bolus Wizard Calculator to calculate the amount of insulin needed to reach target blood glucose levels.

Nova Max also produces lancing devices and lancets as well as software to help people with diabetes manage their testing records on their personal computers.

ADW Diabetes offers the complete product line-up of Nova Max diabetes testing supplies. ADW has the goal of making diabetes testing easy and affordable for anyone. We offer several Nova Max promotional 'value combos' with various combinations of testing supplies with discounted pricing.

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