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Arkray Diabetes Supplies

Arkray Diabetes Products

Arkray was founded in Japan in 1960 with the premise of developing quality medical diagnostic products.

Arkray's commitment to researching and developing high quality and affordable products for diabetes testing came in 1970 with the release of their Eyetone meter. This meter received international awards for its advancements in technology. In 1978, Arkray released their Dextrometer blood glucose meter with a built-in microcomputer that could store historical test results.

In 1991, Arkary released their first blood glucose monitor for at-home testing. The Glucocard allowed patients to test their blood from home and then share their results with their doctors during office visits. The convenience of the at-home glucose testing allowed for patients to decipher their daily testing results and then review with their physician so changes could be made to their treatment plan with the goal that their diabetes was being managed as best as it could be.

In 2008, Arkray introduced the Glucocard mini line of glucose meters. This new addition to their at-home glucose monitors was designed to be compact and discreet yet still provide the patient with quality testing results while remaining affordable.

ADW Diabetes offers a complete product line-up of Arkray diabetes testing supplies. Similar to Arkray, ADW has the goal of making diabetes testing easy and affordable for anyone. ADW has bundled Arkray products in special ‘value packs’ with various combinations of testing supplies at even deeper discounted pricing.