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Arkray / Hypoguard

Arkray USA develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices for use by patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes.  The company produces an array of blood glucose monitoring systems, safety lancets, and urine-testing equipment.  Each year, Arkray USA invests millions of dollars in research for product development, providing its customers with innovative products that are safer and more convenient.

The Advance Micro-Draw provides plasma-referenced results, making it easier for you and your doctor to compare your results with those taken at a laboratory.  Included in the kit is everything you need to use the device right away: the monitor, test strips, control solution, a lancing device and lancets, and even a logbook to track your readings over the long-term.  If you prefer, you may record your readings on the monitor itself - up to 250 readings may be stored, showing the date and time of each test.  Results may be downloaded onto your home computer, too, to help you manage your diabetes care.  In addition to the complete kit, you may also purchase additional Advance Micro-Draw blood glucose test strips.