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Accu Chek Testing Technology

Accu Chek® is part of Roche, a leading international healthcare company delivering a broad spectrum of innovative solutions that support prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The Accu Chek Glucometers and Accu Chek test strips help those afflicted with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in their day-to-day blood sugar monitoring practices. Accu Chek products make it easier to control your blood sugar – wherever you go.

As part of a healthy Diabetes treatment plan, individuals should take advantage of both routine self-monitoring using Accu Chek glucometers and Accu Chek testing strips. They should also participate in an A1C test, performed every few months by your physician. Combined, these two practices can help you understand, manage and control your blood sugar levels and the routine fluctuations caused by diet, exercise and medication changes.

Self-Monitoring Using Accu Chek Meters

For day-to-day, long-term Diabetes management, self-testing tools such as the Accu Chek Compact PLUS, Accu Chek Active, Accu Chek Advantage, Accu Chek Aviva and Accu Chek Voicemate meters help you monitor your blood glucose levels and understand the effects of food, medications and activities on your overall well-being. With this information, you're empowered to make the necessary adjustments to ensure a blood sugar level within your target range. Your physician can show you the best range for your optimal health.

Accu Chek glucometers work with Accu Chek test strips to conveniently assist diabetes management. They're designed with you in mind, ensuring less pain, smooth grip and ease of use. To test your levels using an Accu Chek meter, wash your hands with warm water to encourage blood flow, then follow the manufacturers instructions for your particular device. Apply a small sample on your Accu Chek testing strips, and view your results in no time. Testing takes just a few seconds.

Accu Chek Meters Help You:

  • Check your blood glucose levels quickly and efficiently
  • Track and assess test results
  • Manage blood sugar highs and lows
  • Delay or prevent long-term high blood sugar problems
  • Reduce pain by testing on your fingertip, palm, upper arm, calf, thigh or forearm
  • Acquire fast, accurate results
  • Submit small .6 microliter samples
  • Save results and calculate averages
  • Download and assess data on your PC

Take charge of your life and health using the latest, most convenient Accu Chek meters and professional diabetes testing tools. ADW Diabetes offers exceptional Accu Chek meters and test strips at affordable, wholesale prices. Shipping is fast, usually within 24 hours, with all items always in stock. We're the trusted supplier for diabetes patients across the nation, delivering exceptional value and quality products day and night.

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