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Medi-Fridge IIx Micro Refrigerator

by: Medi-Fridge
Medi-Fridge IIx Micro Refrigerator
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  1. Mini Refrigerator: Medi-Fridge IIx Micro Refrigerator (Discontinued)

    The Medi-Fridge IIx is a mini refrigerator designed to keep your diabetic and other injectable medicines at the appropriate temperature.

    It's portable size allows you to carry the Medi-Fridge IIx anywhere with you. It includes an adaptor & plug (for world wide use) and a 12v DC socket to plug it into your car as well.

    Features of Medi-Fridge Mini Refrigerator:
    • Refrigerates your Byetta, Humulin and Humalog insulin, and other injectable medication
    • Portable Light weight (1.21 lbs ; 550 grams) Perfect for working and traveling
    • Stores up to six standard 10ml injectable medicine vials or two injectable pens
    • Refrigerates Between 4-8° C (39-46° F) when ambient temperature is between 29-33° (84-92° F)
    Includes 2 Power Cords
    • Worldwide Adaptor & Plug for 100-240V AC current
    • 12 V DC (auto socket) detachable power cord
    Refrigerated Storage Dimensions: 6 15/16" L x 2" W(D) x 1" H; 17.62cm x 5.08cm x 2.54cm
    Compact design for storage of up to 6 standard 10ml injectable medicine vials or 2 injectable pens. Low noise fan offers quiet operation. Magnetic Lid assures a solid closure. Green LED display when the fridge is operating. Includes 2 power cords. Operate with either 12 volts DC for vehicles OR 110-240 volts AC domestic.
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