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Thread: Suggestion For New Forum Section

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    Default Suggestion For New Forum Section

    May I suggest a new section of the forum, dedicated to literature?

    - books
    - periodicals
    - internet articles
    - newspaper articles

    of course, diabetes-related

    Just a suggestion

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    In my exploration of this site, just came across this. Since no one has offered any information as to possible location or source on this site for the information, I thought I should at lease bring this back to the top and maybe someone will take notice.

    This is an excellent suggestion in my opinion, but we may be left to research on our own.


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    Marci Sloane Guest

    Default Resources

    There are many resources that I can suggest. Of course, is the ADW educational site. The American Diabetes Association improved their website and it's excellent now:
    There is also a newsletter that you can sign up for online that brings cutting edge diabetes information called: DiaTribe
    Start with these and then you can also get subscriptions to Diabetes Health or Diabetes Self-Management magazines.

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