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Thread: Importance of exercises

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    Irrespective of the fact whether an individual has type-1 or type-2 diabetes they can benefit from regular physical exercise.

    Type-1 diabetics can benefit from exercise because it can assist in the maintenance of insulin sensitivity and increases the use of glucose. Exercise can also help to avoid excessive weight gain in type -2 diabetics.

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    Default pointalready made in other posts

    The point was made in ther posts already that exercise is needed and is helpful.

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    Hi there,

    Exercises are always important to our body to keep fit and stay healthy. But I would like to make a point here on the need to do exercises consistently without any fail. We have to do exercises everyday as we eat food everyday and we have to make it a habit. It helps us in many ways, and our digestive system is more linked with it. Exercises will boost our digestion and improve our health, because most of the problems are due to poor digestion. I feel that exercises must be the part of our life and I hope all the members here will recognize it.


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    Talking I've proved exercise does work,

    I have type 2 diabetes, I've had multiple bypass surgery, I have gone from 225 lbs to 185 lbs, My glucose is controlled by diet only and exercise, my average glucose is 120. My blood work has indicated all parameters are in range. and has been for the last five years. I'm 75 and enjoy life to its fullest.
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    Exercises is very much important to our body to keep fit and stay healthy.

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    Exercise is very important to keep body fit and healthy.I go for walking and running exercise daily.exercise increase metabolism and prevent obesity.

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    Default I lowered my blood sugar with moderate exercise.

    After a car accident, I was out of commission and my blood sugar became irregular then went up. I went to physical therapy and started doing gentle exercise at home. Amazingly, it really made a difference and my blood sugar went down. Now I am working with a physical trainer to pick up the pace. Has anyone else ever worked with a trainer before and how did it go for you? I have only been to one session so far and I was so sore!

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