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    Many companies have been trying to get inhaled insulin on the market. Pfizer was successful to have Exubera approved years ago but it was short-lived. Now, Manheim corp is close to getting Afrezza approved. How do people feel about using an inhaled insulin as opposed to injections?

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    Inhaled insulin appears to be effective but not better than injected short-acting insulin. The cost is much more that it is unlikely to be cost-effective. inhaled insulin provided better glycaemic control than oral hypoglycaemic agents but not subcutaneous insulin.

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    Marci Sloane Guest

    Default Inhaled Insulin

    There may be variations in absorption with the inhaled insulin. It's a terrific alternative method for some "needle-phobic". Mostly, I feel that if people are not treating their diabetes well enough because they are too fearful to inject or not willing - this may be a means of getting their diabetes in control.

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    That sounds really good, but I'm 'expense-phobic' so I don't think that will be for me when it comes time to move to injections.

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    Inhaled insulin is not better than injected short-acting insulin. Generic for Trandate lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and strain on the heart.

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    Default Inhaled Insulin Might be a Viable Alternative

    I did not realize they were developing inhaled insulin and I am thinking it would be a good alternative for those who have trouble using needles. It might also be more convenient to transport and use when you are on the road.

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