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Thread: Artificial pancreas: Computer models

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    Default Artificial pancreas: Computer models

    The future development of the artificial pancreas will be greatly accelerated by employing mathematical modeling and computer simulation.

    Kovatchev et al. (2009) have recently developed these methods, and their system has been accepted by the Food and Drug Administration as a substitute to animal trials in the preclinical testing of closed-loop control strategies.

    This development and acceptance should rapidly facilitate new treatments.

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    I applaud the idea of not using animals to do the experimentation for working out the problems that diabetics will have when it comes to developing an artificial pancreas. But in other ways I wonder if you can really develop anything that has to do with people's health without ever using live subjects to work out the problems.

    I am glad that animals won't be used, but does this mean that humans will also not be used at any time too? And if this is true can the artificial pancreas ever be approved to be used by humans if we aren't used to make sure it is trouble free?

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