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Diabetic Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets
ADW Diabetes understands gift baskets are a popular way to express appreciation to friends, family and business associates. Often people with diabetes feel left out when gift baskets filled with sugary snacks arrive. Now you can choose thoughtful gift baskets for people with diabetes to make sure they have the joy of receiving something delicious for all types of special occasions. American Diabetes Wholes offers a wide assortment of tantalizing choices to please the palates of consumers with diabetes. Shop for the best diabetes products online with affordable prices, fast delivery and outstanding customer service. Score deep discounts on impressive diabetic gift baskets including our Cookie Lover's Delight baskets, Brother’s All Natural Fruit Crisps Basket, Hershey’s Sugar-Free Chocolate basket, and other gift baskets featuring sugar free cookies and sugar free candies.
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Cookie Lover's Delight Gift Basket  Cookie Lover's Delight Gift Basket
64% OFF! Retail Price: $138.71 Your Price: $49.99
The Cookie Lover's Delight Basket makes a perfect gift for anyone, especially when the selection of cookie products and dips are sugar free! Enjoy a variety of Murray Sugar Free Cookies and Walden Farms dips. Buy this gift basket of delicious sugar free cookies at an extremely discounted price only at ADW Diabetes.
Extend Snacks Variety Gift Basket  Extend Snacks Variety Gift Basket
26% OFF! Retail Price: $49.89 Your Price: $36.99
The Extend Snacks Variety Basket is a special combination of the rich sweetness of ExtendBars and the zesty crunchiness of ExtendCrisps. It's a great gift for anyone that wants to snack - and stay healthy too!
Diabetic Care Gift Basket  Diabetic Care Gift Basket
24% OFF! Retail Price: $96.31 Your Price: $72.99
The Diabetic Basket is a fun and thoughtful way to help someone special in your life improve their diabetes management.
Hershey Sugar Free Chocolate Gift Basket  Hershey Sugar Free Chocolate Gift Basket
27% OFF! Retail Price: $74.84 Your Price: $54.99
Our favorite Hershey's chocolate treats come together in this healthy, antioxidant-rich gift basket designed to please the chocolate lover in all of us. The antioxidants in chocolate help stave off heart disease, boost the immune system, and may help fight cancer.
Brother's All Natural Fruit Crisps Gift Basket  Brother's All Natural Fruit Crisps Gift Basket
26% OFF! Retail Price: $60.95 Your Price: $44.99
Here's a new twist on the ol’ fashioned fruit gift basket! We’ve picked a delicious assortment of Brothers-All-Natural-Fruit Crisps and placed them in a decorative re-usable wicker basket. These 100% real fruit crisps burst with fruit flavor favorites like apple, banana, pear, pineapple and strawberry.
The Diabetic DVD Gift Basket  The Diabetic DVD Gift Basket
40% OFF! Retail Price: $74.95 Your Price: $44.99
Do you know someone who needs help managing diabetes? Well we've got a great gift, because this Diabetic DVD Gift Basket is perfect for those who could use some guidance on the foods to eat and the important steps for caring for your feet.
6 Match(es) found