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Breast Cancer Awarness Ribbon

Pearls from a Diabetes Practice – Breast Cancer

Since it is October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I have decided to share some information with you that is indirectly related to diabetes. Current research has suggested that there is a connection between cancer and diabetes. Although breast cancer is not as common in people with diabetes as colon, […]

Springtime food - Heart Healthy

Foods and Beverages to Include with Diabetes

I am often asked “what are the best foods to eat?” by patients when they are initially diagnosed with diabetes. The perception of proper eating upon diagnosis runs the gamut. Many patients are afraid to eat anything that resembles a carbohydrate and end up feeling weak, confused and with a […]

Joint Pain - Workout

When Joint Pain Affects Your Diabetes Workout

I often teach patients who are referred to the diabetes self management program who have not exercised for most of their life. Age seems to be irrelevant since there are both young and old patients who do little physical activity besides sitting at their desk, computer or TV during the […]